Hearts On Fire

專輯: Echoes

歌手: Will Young

時長: 4:54

Hey,maybe I'm lost

I'm overwhelmed

Out of this place.

Like a boy,lost in the rain

When I hear your name

And I see your face

I could stay all night

Throw my cares into the wind

Fighting so hard this time

Don't know what else to do

Hearts...Hearts are on fire

I'm on the wire

Falling for you

My loves been missing I'm told

Left out in the cold

You're warming on my heart

And the pain

It disappears,

Whenever you're near

Wherever you are

Hearts hearts are on fire

I'm on the wire

Falling for you

I know,there's no straight line

It's different this time

I'm falling for you

(Oh yeah)

Could this be what I wanted...this time?

Hearts,hearts are on fire

I'm on the wire

Falling falling for you

I know it's different this time

There's no straight line

I'm falling for you

(Oooh oooh yeah yeah falling for you)

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